Leaving Survey 2015

We have just completed our survey of parents whose child left Sandbrook in July and it’s been really useful seeing all the feedback.  We are always striving to make our playgroup as good as it can possibly be so it’s great to have your views and ideas.

What we have found out is that the vast majority of parents are happy with the quality of care and education their child receives at Sandbrook and would recommend it to other people.  75% of parents think our staff are excellent and 25% think they are good.  100%  of parents would recommend our playgroup to other people.

Some of the comments include:

‘I recommend Sandbrook to other people one billion percent.  You have been absolutely brilliant.’

‘We’ve had a really lovely time at Sandbrook.  I am happy to recommend it and I hope it does really well in the future.’

‘We have had two children through Sandbrook and have had a fantastic experience.  Both the girls have been very happy there and for me that is the most important thing.  Sandbrook gave my older daughter a fantastic preparation for school, as well as a strong circle of friends to take with her.  My youngest daughter seems equally equipped and ready.  The playgroup encourages a culture that is respectful, caring and curious.  The staff form strong bonds with the children and this is really evident in the way the children behave towards them.  We are very sad to leave.’

‘The staff are really good and I feel happy handing my child into their care’

‘Good caring, lovely people.  Big thanks to Lorraine, Gina, Aysha, Tricia, Alix and Vanessa’

There are some great suggestions of what we can do to improve – so we will do our best to act on these in  the coming weeks:

‘More flexibility with hours.’

‘Take the children out more, not necessarily big trips but just to the local park or shop.’

‘Maybe more around phonics and writing their name for the older children going into reception in the next year.’

‘Continue investing in your staff so they stay.  They are the real backbone to the playgroup and a hugely valuable asset.’

Please don’t forget that you can talk to staff at any time if you have any concerns or suggestions.