What a wonderful time we had at Clissold Park!

Clissoldn Trip 10 (2) 1


The children from Sandbrook Community Playgroup attended a workshop at Clissold Park today and learned all about the changing seasons.  They saw some of the birds and animals that live in the park and found out where the wild parakeets live high up in the trees.  They even got to see a bird’s nest close up.  They were especially interested to see the difference in size between a quail and an ostrich egg.  They were all give sticky strips so they could collect tiny flowers, bits of grass, blossom and other things that grow in the park.  They had a wonderful time and it was lovely that so many parents could share in the learning experience too.

Clissold Trip pic 15 (2) Clissold trip pic 14 (2) Clissold Trip pic 13 (2) Clissoldn Trip 10 (2) 1 Clissold Trip pic 9 (2) 1 Clissold trip 8 (2) 1 Clissold Trip 6 (2) 1

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