Mid year survey

We have just completed our mid-year survey of parents and it’s been really useful seeing all the feedback.  We are always striving to make our playgroup as good as it can possibly be so it’s great to have your views and ideas.

What we have found out is that the vast majority of parents are happy with the quality of care and education their child receives at Sandbrook and would recommend it to other people.  59% of parents think our staff are excellent and 33% think they are good.

Some of the comments include:

‘My child has flourished at Sandbrook and the community of staff and children have become an important part of her life.’

‘My child has blossomed over this their time at Sandbrook, becoming a confident and happy pre-schooler.  Sandbrook has helped enormously with the little bumps along the way.  Always coming home with information, stories and new games to play, and asking to go every day – even weekends!’

‘Think it is totally brilliant.  Amazing staff, brilliant, friendly, warm and nurturing and homely environment.  Thank you!’

‘I think it is such a nice environment, calm and relaxed and a lovely way to ease a child into education.  My son has always loved it at Sandbrook.  So much so that it is a useful method of bribery at home!’

There are some great suggestions of what we can do to improve – so we will do our best to act on these in  the coming weeks:

‘I don’t know how you do it but get the participation a little fairer, get every parent to do their bit.’

‘More outings eg theatre trips.’

‘Make the coffee mornings at the same time as your child’s sessions and have them downstairs as a family day instead.  That way you can get some more valuable insight.’

‘Perhaps the books Sandbrook make on each child could be taken home over night or half termly as it was quite hard to have a proper look at it during the key worker review.’

‘We need a bigger pram/scooter shed.’

‘More construction toys.’

‘A waiting area for parents when picking up but obviously this isn’t possible due to size.’

Please don’t forget that you can talk to staff at any time if you have any concerns or suggestions.




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