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A sunny day learning about seeds and plants in the park – 25th June 2014

The children had a wonderful time at the workshop at Clissold Park this week.

They learned about different parts of plants and explored some of the plants growing in the Park.  They made their own ‘Sticky Card’ using colourful plant samples and herbs such as garlic, lavendar, lemon, mint and thyme.  Later on they planted some seeds.

It was great that so many parents and carers could come along to join in the fun too.

Clissold Park Trip 3 Clissold Park Trip 6 Clissold Park Trip 5 Clissold Park Trip 4 Clissold Park Trip 2 Clissold Park Trip 1


Outdoor play

We provide a range of materials and resources at Sandbrook for the children to use in our outside space.  They can create all sorts of structures from things like building blocks, fabric, wood and crates which can be moved and combined in a variety of ways.  This helps develop their imaginations as they role play; helps with their physical development as they climb and balance and supports their learning about shape, space and measurement as they find ways to construct structures from the different objects that they have available. Of course, they are also learning about working with their friends as they play and explore together.

Check out some of the fun they have been having this week!


WP_20140610_004 WP_20140610_002 Outdoor play 2Outdoor play 3 Outdoor play


Sports at Sandbrook

We think it it important to support the physical development of the children at Sandbrook. We make sure they spend lots of time outside so that they can enjoy time and space for energetic play and we have just employed a sports coach who specialises in teaching pre-school children. Curtis came in to our playgroup yesterday and will be coming in again on Monday 16th June at 10am.   He is teaching the children movement skills , how to move in different ways and at different speeds, using equipment such as bean bags to explore balance for example.

They had great fun yesterday as you can see here!

Curtis 3
Using bean bags to learn about balance
Curtis 2
We can move very quickly 
Learning to play together rolling the ball
We can all move around together
We can all move around together



A lovely coffee morning on school readiness

It was great to see parents today at the coffee morning.  It was a good opportunity for themto raise any concerns they had about their child starting school and to find out what we do at Sandbrook to support children and their parents during the transition to reception class. There were some useful handouts which we will also give to parents of children leaving us in July who weren’t able to attend.

Comments about this event included:

‘Good to chat to keyworker about how they think my child will be when beginning school.’

‘Good to chat about visiting school and home visits.’

‘Such a great support to have lots of info and advice.  I feel much more confident about school choices next year.’

 ‘Good to talk to other parents about their concerns.’

If you have any questions at all about your child starting school please do let us know.




Workshop in Clissold Park – 1.30pm to 2.30pm 25th June 2014

We all had a great time at the last workshop in Clissold Park in May.  In June we will be going back there again when the children will learn about different parts of plants and explore plants growing in the park.  They will make their own ‘sticky card’ using colourful plant samples before sowing some seeds to care for back at Sandbrook.
All Sandbrook children will be able to attend, regardless of whether they usually attend the playgroup on a Wednesday afternoon.  It would be great if parents and carers could come along too to join in the fun.


Fire Station Visit – 11th June 2014

Fire Station visit 2011
We will be taking the children on a visit to the fire station on Wednesday 11th June 2014 – and they will get to have a go with a hose!  All Sandbrook children are invited regardless of whether they usually attend Sandbrook on Wednesday morning but if they do not usually do so they will need to be accompanied by an adult.  If your child usually attends Sandbrook on a Wednesday it would be great if you could come along with them but if you can’t please let Lorraine know as soon as possible so that we can ensure we have adequate staff to child ratios.  Please could everybody meet at Sandbrook at 10.30am that morning.   We will be back by midday and the Betty Layward pick-up will go ahead as usual.